We handle business and individual tax returns during tax season and throughout the year as required including working on your behalf with the Canada revenue agency to address issues and provide you with individual attention. We will help you take advantage of government grants and incentives to save money and boost your profits.

We provide a full range of services for individual tax preparation which includes submission, responding to questions from the CRA, and representation for audits. Our objective is to add value to our clients by minimizing the amount of tax payable, through or knowledge of accounting and tax rules. Our specialized services include personal tax returns for pensioners, employees, others working between Canada and Germany.

Corporate Taxation

We provide a full range of corporate Taxation services for small to medium sized business. We utilize your financial data to provide sensible returns, and minimize the potential for an audit. We also assist Businesses with responding to audits including, answering questions from the CRA, or acting as your representative throughout the audit process. We also offer proactive corporate tax strategy to minimize tax liability.

Tax Planning

A key component of taxation is the appropriate allocation of revenues and expenses to minimize the income tax payable. With tax planning this is done proactively in order to allocate the finances to minimize tax liabilities rather than creatively by waiting until year end where it may be possible to completely optimize the corporate tax return. We will work with you proactively through our tax planning services to ensure that your tax liabilities are minimized.

Personal Tax Returns

We complete personal income tax forms (‘T1’) for permanent residents of Canada required to file their income tax.

We also help Canadian residents that are recipients of German social security pension, such as an old age pension (‘Rente’,) in filing their income tax in Canada and Germany and ensure the acknowledgement of a foreign tax credit towards their tax by involving the knowledge and skills of our German-Canadian accountants and network of practitioners. As such it is important to know that all persons who receive old age pensions from Germany and reside in Canada are obliged to submit a tax declaration in Germany.

We also help non-residents, who receive Canadian income to lower withholding tax. For example Germans who receive Canadian income such as dividend payment pay withholding tax (‘Quellensteuer’), which we help to reduce.

Real Estate Rental

If you have rental income, we will prepare a Statement of Real Estate Rental Form T776 as part of your personal tax filing. This will include a focus on tax minimization based on our professional knowledge and background in this area.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We provide supporting financial services for the tax planning for inheritances. This includes the planning for tax minimization for international tax such as families in both Germany and Canada for which we have provided successful strategies drawing upon our German background and experience.

Matrimonial Disputes

For matrimonial disputes such as separations and divorces, we will provide objective accounting and valuation services that can used as part of the required process. Our goal is to be fair and accurate which will serve to facilitate the process and minimize costs associated with disputes.