Management Consulting

Optimize your business with guidance from McFarland Associates in St. Catharines, Ontario. We have extensive expertise in management consulting and asset management that can greatly benefit your business.


Get a new perspective on your company’s structure. Our consultants know how to reverse declining profitability and create a brighter financial future for your business. We help you get back on track and obtain the greatest return on investment. With a wealth of management and accounting experience, we provide sound guidance and help you achieve more.

Strategic Business Planning

We help you unlock the hidden potential in your company, professional practice, service or not-for-profit organization to enhance your success. We provide strategic business planning services including use of balanced scorecards, to lead you to your goal and keep you on track for future success. Our approach includes the full range of strategy development including SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. Strategies are then developed to utilize strengths to pursue opportunities while avoiding threats and correcting internal weaknesses. A Balanced Scorecard approach is often adopted to develop strategies that integrate the internal business processes, people and financial perspectives of organizations with the external customer perspective. The scorecard is then used to chart the progress of the strategy toward achieving the organizations goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our approach includes a focus on stakeholder engagement from all functional areas such as operations, finance, human resources, marketing and business support. Our approach includes focus groups and other approaches depending upon the situation, to draw the best knowledge for the organization and to ultimately develop a common strategy that everyone can buy into and support creating true stakeholder engagement.

Business Advisory

We advisory services for your business based on the intersection of fiancé and strategy. This involves business process optimization to increase profitability drawing upon our background in management accounting. The business advisory services are commonly an outcome of the strategic business planning.

Asset Management

Good asset management helps you manage debt and maximize profits and get more out of your business assets. We help you identify underutilized assets and exploit them to their fullest potential. All companies should be doing routine asset management to ensure they are making the most of their greatest resources. Good asset management helps you manage debt and maximize profits. The asset management process may follow the strategy development as this allows for the context of which assets are connected to strategy and contribute to the organization’s success and which ones are not and should be divested.

Buying and Selling a Business

We provide financial and management support in buying and selling businesses. This includes business valuation, financial due diligence, financing applications, and Revenue Canada reporting requirements.