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Helping Green Businesses Flourish

Take advantage of green tax credits and incentives with the help of McFarland Associates. We provide sustainable environmental accounting services to help businesses meet regulations and incentive requirements. Management consulting and asset management services are also available.


Carbon Credits

Meeting government regulations on sustainability requires specialized accounting knowledge. We have the expertise you need to ensure you meet your carbon credit and greenhouse gas emissions targets. With our help, you'll be able to take advantage of incentives and tax breaks, and apply for grants to make your company more sustainable.

Green Your Business

Invest in the future by greening your business. Perhaps you would like to purchase a green roof or compare the cost of farmed fish with wild-caught fish. We help you determine the cost and benefits of green initiatives to ensure a profitable future for your business and a healthier environment. We advise you on how to optimize your financial plan to meet regulatory guidelines and receive incentives and grants.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is important for all industries. We have extensive experience working with:

Manufacturers • Retailers • Chemical Companies • Extractive Sector Industries • Construction Companies • Energy Companies • Oil & Gas Companies